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Divorce Papers – How to find divorce papers in Massachusetts


by Attorney Amy Saunders

To locate divorce papers in Massachusetts you will need to know which county the divorce took place, as well as the names of the parties involved.

1) The first step is to determine the county in Massachusetts where the divorce was filed — this is where the copies of the divorce papers will be located (1922-present). This is usually the county that the couple last lived in. If you are unsure which county that is, there is a statewide index available from 1952 to present at the Massachusetts Department of Health’s Registry of Vital Records, but once again the actual copies will still be located at the county probate court. A list of all Probate and Family can be located here.

2) Go to the probate and family court division of the Clerk of Courts that the divorce papers were filed in.

3) Go to the records department and ask to view the case file for the divorce papers that you are searching for. You may be required to complete a file request form, depending on the individual policies of each county. Once the representative locates the files, they will allow you to view them in a secure room. If you would like to make copies, the clerk will make them for you for a per-page fee. The fees for copies may vary.


If you have any questions about this process – feel free to email us for assistance. Our team of attorneys will be happy to assist you free-of-charge.

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