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3 Warning Signs for Divorce: What Red Flags Indicate A Marital Split Is Imminent?


Every situation is different however, these are the three (3) of the most common warning signs couples report just before their spouse files for divorce.

1) One-way financial decisions

If your spouse comes home with a BMW without consulting you, beware a divorce may be imminent.  This is a common sign due to the fact that the financial partnership is over and your spouse may have hidden motives.

2) Documents missing/blocked

If your taxes or business records are removed from the house or you no longer have access, this should cause you to be alert.  Spouses, just prior to divorce, will do divorce financial planning, right or wrong, it is a common sign that divorce filing may be imminent.

3) Movement of money

When money is being diverted this may be a signal.  It is quite common for spouses to divert money over time to a third party, or just prior to filing, if half of the account is gone, go meet with your lawyer.

When your intuition kicks in that a divorce is about to be filed, there are several things you can do to prepare:

  1. Talk to your spouse about your concerns and to seek clarification. Hopefully, there will be a reason other than divorce.
  2. If your intuition raises concern and/or they mention the “D” word – schedule a consult with an attorney (often they will meet for free) to understand your rights and protections of your assets.
  3. Get your affairs in order, make copies of tax records and financial records
  4. Stop the retirement plan (you may need some extra cash during the divorce, and the retirement will ultimately be split anyways)
  5. Important: Cut your spouse from being an authorized user on your credit cards or they may do the “divorce spree” and
  6. Call the court to see if a divorce has already been filed
  7. Important: Consider filing immediately to get a prohibition on diverting assets.

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