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For decades, people facing legal problems have sought out our expertise and unwavering commitment to client’s rights. Our team will treat you as they themselves wish to be treated when dealing with the most serious problems of their own lives.

Accessibility: Legal representation is not a 9 to 5 business. We can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by telephone, text message or  email. It is suggested that for serious emergencies, particularly during evenings and weekends, you call our attorneys directly on our mobile phones at 781-471-5055.

Compassionate: We have successfully represented people for over three decades in complex, often high profile cases in the United States, as well as in civil cases and Supreme Court cases. The Legal Solutions team knows that each case is ultimately about people – the defendant themselves, the alleged victim(s), witness(es), the prosecutor, law enforcement agents, etc. These are the people you need to understand and to manage to adequately defend.When freedom is at stake, you deserve, and require, no less.

Timing: We understand that timing is always of the essence in legal criminal matters. It is vital to put investigators on the ground immediately to gather information from witnesses before their perceptions and stories are altered by circumstance – including police or federal agents speaking to them first. Each case requires a unique skill set. Some cases might require the assistance of our forensic psychologists or psychiatrists, others might require cyber space specialists, some, accident reconstruction specialists or medical professionals, others, tax specialists, accountants, securities specialist, etc. This is an ongoing, evolving process. Information permits us to develop the most comprehensive defense strategies, which themselves may generate the need for further investigation. At the end of the day our product is you and your freedom.