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We don't just provide forms. We meet and work with you to guide you through every aspect of your case. Divorce can be complicated and expensive, but with us, it doesn’t have to be.

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Amy Saunders, Esq. Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts

If anyone understands divorce, it’s Attorney Amy Saunders. She was a thriving corporate lawyer when she was thrusted into her own divorce and the life of a single, working mother. It was this personal experience that ultimately led her to redirect her practice to divorce law to offer her clients a new approach through what can be a devastating time, emotionally and financially.

Attorney Saunders has been practicing law for nearly twenty years, represented celebrities and is noted for her unique style, her empathy and her expertise. Saunders’ professional life has been profiled by publications like the Wall Street Journal, Red Book, Men’s Health, US News and World Report, Women’s Health, and Bazaar to mention a few.

Amy Saunders addresses the gap for individuals who want―and need―to handle their breakups differently. As we all know, the divorce rate in America is more than half the marriage rate. Yet the means for dissolving a relationship is often hopelessly stuck in an outdated perception and approach. Saunders acknowledges these realities and helps her clients get  divorced efficiently and allow them to maintain control of the process, themselves. Amy knows the many roads, and walks alongside her clients to resolution. Amy wears many hats during the process from attorney, coach, strategist, to friend. Her clients appreciate her outgoing and down-to-earth style that put her clients at ease and reassured in how much Amy invests and cares about them.

The Process

3 Steps To File For Divorce

We will provide you with a list of everything needed to complete all of the paperwork. Once you have collected everything – we will schedule a meeting to review.  

We will meet to finalize everything. Our team will get to work and complete all of the paperwork.   

Pickup your completed paperwork and visit your local court to file for divorce.  Our team can file on your behalf for an additional fee. 

If anything comes up – or you need additional assistance – we are still here to help. We will provide any service you need at an hourly rate. We only provide what you need. This helps save our clients thousands of dollars. 

Free Consultation

We are here to help
and answer any questions
$ 0 Free Consultation
  • Talk with an attorney
  • Answer your questions
  • Review your best options


Suited for divorce
without kids
$ 900 + state & filing fees
  • Work with junior attorneys
  • We prepare paperwork
  • You file at local court


Suited for divorce without kids
and no child support
$ 1499 + state & filing fees
  • Work with our senior attorneys
  • We prepare paperwork
  • We file at court for you


Suited for parents with kids
seeking child support
$ 2500 + state fees
  • Work with our top attorneys
  • We prepare and file
  • Includes filing fees
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