5 Things Father’s Should NOT Do During a Divorce

As divorce lawyers, we have to defend several scenarios of our clients that can be prevented with some guidance. The list below are our five (5) top recommendations of what you should NOT do during a divorce.


1. Introduce the children to a new girlfriend until after at least six months of dating.

2. Try to replace the children’s mother – their mother will always be their mother, just as their father will always be their father, and each has a special place in the children’s hearts

3. Try to be the children’s friend, instead of their parent.  Just because you’re going through divorce does not mean that the parents’ roles change.  Children still need discipline and will run right over you if you forget your parental role.

4. Talk badly about the other parent in front of the children.  Children are very protective and defensive of both parents, particularly in the throws of a divorce.  They don’t want to hear about what either parent did wrong.  Bad mouthing the other parent will only cause the children unnecessary stress.

5. Use the children to communicate with the other parent.  All communication should be between the parents directly.  Involving the children literally puts them in the middle, a place they do not want to be.

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