Website Let’s Children of Divorce Re-Schedule Santa’s Visits

With over 13 million parents sharing custody of their children in the U.S., celebrating Christmas on an alternate day is a reality for many parents. This was the case for Anna Friedman, whose daughter usually spends Christmas with her dad. Naturally, her daughter wanted to know how Santa would know that she and her mom were going to be celebrating Christmas on a different day.

Enter the Schedule Santa website. Friedman created an autoresponder site that will allow a parent to send an email to Santa. Within a few minutes, it will reply to let you know that Santa got the email and Christmas will be rescheduled for the date you chose.  

This helps kids gain the confidence that Christmas will still happen, even if it is on a different date.

This is also great for any kids that may end up hospitalized, or there is another family event that impacts Christmas. It is a great tool for parents to manage the unexpected and/or shared custody.

Amy Saunders, Esq. Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts

Amy Saunders, Esq.

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