Attorney’s Guide to Dating After Divorce | Quick Tips

As a divorce attorney and divorcee, I’ve had the pleasure of watching clients/friends move on to happier relationships and lives after divorce. There are few experiences more rewarding than attending the wedding of a former client and experiencing their newfound happiness with them.

Dating after divorce is not always straight-forward and care-free, in my opinion. It does require some caution and thought in the early stages.

Here are my top three (3) dos and dont’s for successful dating after divorce:

1) STOP looking. STOP compromising. 
Don’t be afraid to start this new chapter. During the process of divorce, you will grow significantly and learn what you want (and not) in a relationship and life. You will come out on the other side a different person with a new perspective. Take your time and focus on yourself. Embrace what you truly want and STOP compromising. Look back through your rear view mirror as knowledge and experience. It’s where you’ve been. Not where you are going. You are Stronger. Better.

2)START doing what you love … and love will find you.
Don’t go out on the prowl looking for love. It’s not how it works. Start doing the things you love, and do it OFTEN. Be happy. In that moment, when you stop looking — love will find YOU.

3) Don’t flaunt your new relationship, and for goodness sake DO NOT post everything (or anything) you do together on social media. First, it is not good for the children to know this, and no good will come of your ex knowing you are in love again. Just hush for a while, and disclose carefully when the relationship is serious. Dating after divorce should be done in a thoughful way.

Overall, do what you love–and do it often. The rest will work itself out.

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